EFT. Tapping. Uh huh okay. Until I spoke with Morag Gardner I had not heard of it, and when she explained what it was, I must confess I was a tad sceptical, but willing to give it a go.

The effect, the result was instantaneous. I could not believe it. I was not only surprised that EFT Tapping had turned out to be so emotional and revealing, but that I actually felt physically different – in a positive way.

Over the last very busy and stressful months, I have come to rely on Morag to get met through some of the rough patches with EFT Tapping.

I cannot recommend it highly enough, and Morag as a teacher/guide is fantastic – incredibly patient, insightful and always willing to make time for you. Thank you Morag for introducing me to tapping and being on the journey with me


Thank you for my recent EFT Tapping session Morag. Tapping is something I had an awareness of but had never properly practiced. I am so glad I did. You put me at ease, were completely professional and guided me from what I thought I wanted to tap about to something I actually needed to tap about!

In my opinion, anything which allows you to focus on only yourself for an hour plus can only be beneficial for the soul, and the feeling of freedom was more powerful than I anticipated. I will definitely keep up the practice and would recommend others to give it a go.


What an amazing EFT tapping session today with the brilliant, insightful and beautiful Morag Gardner. I am shocked at what came up and amazed at how calm and happy I am feeling. Thank you Morag. I recommend everyone grab a session with her as soon as possible.


You guys: Morag is the REAL DEAL when it comes to tapping. We had a tapping session, I had something I wanted to work with. But instinctively, she knew I wasn’t at the heart of the real issue. She suggested we tap on what was coming up then and there. Such a powerful session that will stay with me for a while. Everyone, start working with Morag


Stuck in a rut? Fed up with your life? We all have issues that prevent us from moving forward. Fact. But how we deal with them is what makes us resilient or a quitter in life. I recently decided to change things up a bit and try the services of The Mindful Journey just to see. We set up our first session using (FaceTime on Messenger) and to be perfectly honest, I was very doubtful and full of skepticism. But, despite my cynicism, I set out my notepad and pencil and made the call. Morag told me a little information about Tapping and Mindfulness and we had our session. I finished feeling somewhat surprised! It was enlightening to say the least and gave me food for thought for the next week. Fast forward to our second session and issues were coming to the surface again. By the time our session came, I didn’t want to do it. Why? I knew there would be questions that would make me confront myself. From the eliciting of certain emotions and body language, the end of this session led to a light bulb moment. And I still have two sessions to go!! So if you want move forward in your life, I totally recommend using the services on offer by The Mindful Journey. Morag will talk through what you want to achieve, set targets for the week and you will begin to look at the world with a changed mindset and a more positive outlook. In the words of Nike, ‘Just Do It’.